Lmrs info


 Leeds Met Rock Society is a newly Established Society to leeds Met University as of August 2009.Our aims as a society are to accomodate to the minority of leeds met that are into 'alternative' music.We aim to bring 'rock' music in less mainstream doses and more what people want to hear.We will be covering rock, classic, rock, metal, grunge, goth, industrial,punkpop,punk,j-rock,j-pop,j-metal and alternative.

Do you ever go round leeds and hear the same setlists everyweek at clubs.We wont be doing that but playing variety all the time at our nights and socials.Giving you more what you want and playing the best of bands from around the world!!

So what do we to do as a society?

-Live music nights with bands and a broad DJ set of alternative music

-Weekly socials

-Spontanious meet ups and get togethers for meals and bowling

-Trips to gigs 

-Trips to festivals (coming soon)

-Future ideas include battle of the band competitions and an all day festival.

So like what you here -then please join the mailing list or sign up at one of our nights and become an offical member of the leeds met rock society!



Got any ideas for the society? then send us feedback to leedsmetrocksociety@live.co.uk.

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